People wonder now more than ever what type of water is best to drink. Ninety percent of us are buying bottled water and that has escalated  into what type of bottled water is best and many other questions. The newest of which is should I and how can I alkalize my water? First thing I need to state is twofold:

1. 60% or more bottled water is from the tap (meaning sink water)

2. 60% or more bottled water is acidic and cannot be absorbed in through the cell walls.

Another thing about bottled water is the bottle. When the bottles are left on the shelf too long, are frozen or warmed even slightly the plastic releases dioxins, carcinogens and toxins into the water. You are building plastic refuse in your body that cannot be broken down. When the body can’t use or dispose of something it simply stores it until the data becomes available to utilize material in one way or another. This stored crap becomes tumors and cancers if not detoxed or eliminated from the body. 

Tap water has something in common with the world’s meat supply and that is it is full of drugs. You see when most public drinking water is “purified” the chemicals they use to kill the viruses and bacteria’s don’t take out the other chemical waste in the water.  Oddly enough most of the chemical waste in the public drinking water doesn’t come from big companies, it comes from urine and feces. Seven out of ten people are taking some form of “medicine” even if it’s just aspirin to thin out their blood. This is dangerous because water is converted in the body to Cellular water and then to you organs as well s tissues. 

Your muscles are 70% watereveryday im guzzlin

Your liver is 85%water

Your blood is 90%water

Your kidneys 80%water

Your brain is 90%water

Your heart is 75%water

Your lungs are 90%water

When all the residual chemicals as well the aluminum, chlorine, fluoride, cyanide, arsenic, etc…are used to build your organs you become fungus. You are being converted into yeast literally. The process of becoming yeast has various discomforts for a human, which have been labeled disease. 

There are bottled water companies that have a higher standard of businesspractice however you need to research them….Depending on the state though a good filter will do wonders and produce much “better” water than most bottled waters. Alkalinity is a very important quality when choosing a drinking water. Very impotant however is not the most important, mineral content is the most important. I add momatomix to every bottle, pot or cup of water I drink and I’ll tell you why. 

Mineral content as well as mineral type is crucial…The best form of all minerals is monatomic and from a  natural source. So yes your water should be between 8 and 9.5 on the alkaline scale but it should also be filtered as well as mineralized. Momatomix provides all of your hydration as well as minerals in momatomic form. Any substance that is not in in it’s natural form will either be passed through the body or stored as an un-useable substance in the body.

Your body has a survival mechanism that systematically shuts down organs and bodily functions in order that more important aspects like thinking and breathing can continue uninterrupted.  So the brain and lungs have “first dibs” in reference to the importance assigned to their functions. 

Water is what keeps DNA replication sharp and exact by keeping the teleomers youthful as well as strong. Telomeres are the caps at either end of your DNA to prevent them from unwinding. This in turn makes sure that the DNA replication is sharp and complete. Not only does water facilitate all biochemistry in the body it serves as the (carbon) bonding agent in cellular construction. Every single electric charge and magnetic field inside a cell is generated by water. 

Your life force is not in your blood; your blood is in your life force. 95% of your blood is water the other 5% is mostly cells, each of which is like a water balloon containing 80% water. In fact all of the empty spaces in your body are filled with water. Water is constantly creating new electricity or life force with water as the main catalyst.

Your brain cannot tolerate water loss EVERY single mental incapacity or illnesses precipitated by water loss. The 3-pound brain is 90% water and even the 10% “matter” of the brain is composed of 75% water, this is why drinking Alcohol leaves one with a “hang over”. In fact the type water the brain needs is called cerebrospinal fluid and is generated by the capillaries in the brain, which require massive amounts of water every 2 hours. It is this cerebrospinal fluid that detoxifies and secures the brain from all possible attacks from the “outer”  world. This front line provided by the capillaries is called the Blood Brain Barrier and is the final defense between toxins, yeast, and viruses that lie inside your skull. Without water there is no blood brain barrier and every toxin in your food, your air or blood stream will attack your brain. This is why everyday we guzzlin!!!!

Read moor! Source :”Cellular Water”