Stinging Nettle

When you touch the leaves and stems of a stinging nettle plant the tiny hairs can inject the skin with an array of chemicals that literally sting you. 

Mild diuretic, reduces allergies, anti-inflammatory, helps relieve bronchial and asthmatic conditions. 

Nettle is very mineral rich and nutritious. 100 grams of fresh herb infused in 85 g water contains:
1050 mg calcium, 613 mg potassium, 50-265 mg phosphorus, 2-200 mg iron, 175 mg magnesium (depending on the growing conditions).

Nettle is used in many natural supplements as an allergy aid because it has a balancing effect on the immune system/histamine response. 

Nettle leaves are rich in chlorophyll and can be used as a blood builder in people who are iron deficient.  

An infusion of nettle leaves can help detoxify the body. Those that are afflicted with arthritic conditions often have toxins built up and stored in the joints, causing pain and inflammation. Nettle helps to pick up these toxins and sweep them away. It’s also a great herb for the prostate. 

Due to its diuretic effects, those taking it on a consistent basis should make sure that they remain properly hydrated while doing so and check for contraindications with any medications they’re taking.