NEW Mango Moringa Bean Cheescake

In short – Moringa leaves are packed full of many nutrients the body needs, in a high bio-available food state. It should not be a mystery that such a food will benefit the body. Modern foods do not supply the body with many vital nutrients, BUT do supply a lot the body must get rid of. The body uses energy to clean itself all the time – Help it help you




Understand how nutrition works: Your body needs fuel AND it needs help to clean itself. 

Health is a state of balance, where the many complex processes in the body work together to keep the body working well. 

Need: To do this, the body needs food -the name for the fuel of the body, or NUTRIENTS. When the body gets the fuel it needs, it can use it to keep itself healthy, and when it does not, it struggles, and some processes cannot do what they need to -and health suffers. Many nutrients help the body with processes to clean itself. This includes “Cleaning the blood” as it is called in Africa.  

Excess: The body also gets many things in food it does NOT need. It has to work to get this stuff out of the blood and tissue. This takes energy, and when it needs a lot of energy for cleaning itself, you have less energy to use for living. 

So step one for good health through eating correctly is to Eat what the body needs, and don’t eat what it does not.  Moringa helps with the first, your lifestyle with the second.


With all that said…we chose to add Moringa to one of our Sunchaser Classics, the cheezecake. Totally sunkissed and raw adding moringa just took this classic signature dish to the next level of photovoltaic bioavailability.  

new mango moringa bean cheeze cake