New Article up on @delawareonline. . . . Excerpt . . A step inside @abundancechild ’s restaurant is like an art display of #blackhistory in the United States with pictures of famous people such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X… On any given day, lunchtime crowds fill patio seats out front or sit inside patiently waiting for their meals. Wafts of fresh herbs, spices and natural oils permeate the air as cooks dice vegetables, slice imitation cheese and saute faux meat to fill taco shells, wraps and hoagies rolls. Copies of The Final Call, the official newspaper of The Nation of Islam, or Emancipator Magazine sit near the front register for the taking. Books about vegetarianism, atheism, Christianity and Islam are free to read with a meal or drink. Some Wednesday mornings, Child hosts cooking classes where she illustrates how to make smoothies with fresh nuts, fruit and vegetables. Comments like the one Reese heard about going vegan to try to be like white people are familiar to Child. She continues to tell all who inquire about the history of black people and their diets. “We as a people, we’re always stereotyped as we just kind of follow behind what everybody else does,” Child said. “When in fact, we are the creators of all of this content, so actually blacks being vegan are not following a trend. We are actually the original vegans, point blank, period.” Want to try vegetarian or vegan food? Here are a few suggestions: • Wilmington’s Drop Squad Kitchen, 928 Justison Street, Wilmington, 302-984-2773 By : @iporter.reporter #vegan #blackvegan #blackvegans #blackvegansofig #blackvegetarian #blackvegetarians #vegansoulfood #freshvegansoul #vegdelaware #vegandelaware #inwilm #wilmingtonde #wilmingtondelaware #igdelaware #delaware

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