Make Something Out of Nothing

2 statements that really annoy me are: ” I’m broke” Come on people this is the era of the law of attraction. We are the sum of what we think. The other statement is “It is too expensive to eat healthy.” Are you kidding me? No for real you are whining like a baby goat. Expensive as opposed to what? That lypo suction you are thinking about getting, or all the medical and prescription dollars you will shuffle out during your lifetime because healthy food was just wayyyyy to expensive. 

Get out the pre-made box people before you are six feet deep before your time.  You are buying cheap end habit forming counterfeit food and on the other end  you can never get your fix and so now you are officially a junkie. You get what you pay for. Junk food appears to be less expensive because we are  in the American Nightmare  fast food society that does not look generations ahead. We never stop and think that what we eat is going to effect the DNA of our future generations. 

Did you know that the reason the food has the illusion of being less expensive is because the companies that make the food stripped it of everything that makes the food edible  ( vitamins and minerals) and keeps you alive.  Moreover these companies are making a profit off of your ignorance and laziness. I know I know you try to be un-apologetically healthy!!!! You went and spent $300 on all organic fruits and veggies just for them to rot because you did not know what to do with them. 

Well have no FEAR. Drop Squad Kitchen is Here. This Saturday Learn 5 different ways to start eating clean on a food stamp budget. Make something out of nothing! In this edition of S.O.N. we will be making a Raw Vegan Pizza. Included in this uncooking/demonstration cooking class is a workbook , food and beverage.  


s.o.n. raw vegan pizza

Please RSVP no later than 12 Noon: 09/20/2013