Inside Out

Everything put into the human body is juiced before it can be processed and anything that can not be “juiced” is dumped. The salivary glands are very underestimated in the general discussions on health but the specialize in liquification of solids to facilitate proper nutrient uptake. All food should be slowly and completely masticated before swallowing. Incomplete mastication throws off the peristaltic wave. The waves should be around 22 BPM, this is a electromagnetic process an if disturbed will result in a poor blood supply. This wave follows “food” from mouth all the way to excretion.

You have more than one brain, in fact you have more neurons in your abdomen than in your brain remember? Neurons are highly electric cells, the brain is connected directly to the abdomen through the Vagus nerves. Life is Light is Electric Electricity is a flow of Electrons Electrons travel in clusters called negative ions, regeneration is about the proper metabolism of negative ions or Photovoltaism.

This is the root of health & spirituality (spiral-ality) in order to raise one’s vibration, the ability to transmit, receive & store electricity.Auto-Immune Disease could be called chronic electron deficiency syndrome as the white blood cells will attempt to eat anything in the body with a low electromagnetic charge. Lupus or Wolfs disease is a pack of wild white blood cells running wild through out the body cannibalizing tissues, organs and even cells if they aren’t properly charged.

99.99999% of all disease can be reversed with a system that results in hyper perfusion of the cells, fluids, tissues & organs with structured water, living chlorophyl & oxygen (electrons). Akenaton & Nefertiti understood this science and tried to restore it to khemt however the foreigners passing themselves off as the priest hood. Sun worship was bigger than just prayer & meditation it was about eating a live raw vegan diet. Your cells are all electrically charge which means they all have a magnetic field. Counting all the parasites and micro- organisms you have billions of magnetic fields that have merged to become your mind (the amalgamation of all your magnetic fields).

As the body starts to rid itself of the blockages on a cellular level, each of the miniature magnetic fields that make up your mind (aura) begin to function on a broader scale. The neural networks that are responsible for facilitating your thoughts and memories change. The way you see yourself changes…. You move from varying degrees of “I dont give a fuckism” to ever deep levels of being in love with yourself & all life around you. This causes a paradigm shift in the relationships you engage in. You re-examine why you fellowship with certain people and you may have to “cut people off”. Relationships formed around bad habits must go, drinking buddies, smoke buddies, chronically depressed complainers etc…. they must go…. Sugars, MSG & various neuro toxins help to numb you and neural networks that are counterproductive to your well being…

It goes beyond mere overweightness, the ability to control a human beings every action by what they are feed has been proven. To make them mineral deprived of selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin a & c makes humans extremely violent. To feed them synthetic sugars 80% of which will wind up in the brain destroys their ability to learn and focus. Our children are being butchered by US, their parents who unknowingly feed them a diet high in neuro-toxins and watch “helplessly” as their behavior spirals out of control. We are being programmed to feed the body poison which in turn, turns the body into food for, prisons, corporations, legal institutions and various other vampiric entities.

Every Part of the brain is being replaced every moment of our existence… Chase Light. Live it or Diet.


Source Black Gene Ethics II: Detox &Regeneration