Human Waste in Soy Sauce

Without a doubt, ‘imitation’ Chinese soy sauce represents one of the most disgusting man-made foods on Earth. Typically, this non-traditional soy sauce takes only 3 days to manufacture – using the cheapest ingredients like, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (in lieu of soybeans); GMO-derived corn syrup; and artificial flavoring or coloring. But, if you think that is sickening, you won’t believe what really goes inside fake soy sauce.
Warning – if don’t have a strong stomach – avoid reading the rest of this article.
The Chinese, in their brilliance, have found a way to cut the cost of soy sauce production by using human hair along with hospital waste products. I’m not kidding – these twisted food producers seem to feel this a great way to turn a profit despite the threat to human health.
You see – human hair is considered the richest and cheapest source for L-cysteine (L-cys). And, you guessed it, the industrial plants needed to extract L-cyteine are in China.
Human waste products are used to lower food costs
The Internet Journal of Toxicology reported that the Chinese company Hongshuai Soy Sauce didn’t use amino acids derived from soy and wheat, but human hair, from barber shop floors, hospitals, and salons. Amino acids, in human hair, can be used to make a condiment with a flavor similar to that of the usual soy variety. How’s that for human engineering?
An investigation by a TV journalist exposed this manufacturing practice. The cheap soy sauce was being manufactured from an amino acid powder or syrup – bought from a manufacture in China’s Hubei Province – using human hair to make it. It makes me wonder about every food product coming out of China – including ‘organic’ labeled items.
Hold the soy sauce – blood and bacteria are inside
Now you know why processed foods are so dangerous. The hair gathered was unhygienic and mixed with condoms, used hospital cotton, used menstrual cycle pads and used syringes. The hair would be filtered by workers, then the hair would be processed into amino acid syrup. I can only think these food producers have no soul.
They view human waste as a ‘rich source’ of protein – just like soybeans, wheat and bran. These industrial plants produce around 100,000 tons of amino acid daily in the form of powder or syrup. After the syrup is created – it goes to ‘diluting plants’, where water was added and then bottled or packaged into ready to use soy sauce.
It’s no wonder we see cancer rates skyrocketing
The processing of fake soy sauce involves more chemical additives – which are added to the amino acid syrup and heated. The additives include solid hydroxide – to make the sauce taste better – and bottles of hydrochloric acid to balance the pH content of the mixture to make is ‘safer’ for human consumption.
This soy sauce has all the ingredients to create cancer. Human waste products are loaded with lead and arsenic – which are harmful to the liver, kidney and bloodstream. And, as we all know, cancer cells thrive in a toxic environment.
Plus, as if the image of soy sauce couldn’t get any worse, watching it being made can change all of that. (we’ll spare you the video) But, the television footage of a plant showed the workers wearing masks and using sticks to sort human hair taken from dirty bags along with the condoms, cotton buds and pads. The hair is then put into a machine that hasn’t been cleaned in a very long time.
Soy sauce ‘ingenuity’ being put into bagels and pizza dough
The official word, coming from China, is that they closed the plant mentioned above. But, the practice of using human hair in soy sauce has survived. Also, they fail to mention that soy sauce isn’t the only food product made of cheap human hair amino acid powder.
Human hair is now in most processed foods, the bakery industry uses it as a source of L-cystein to make dough softer and more elastic. L-cystein is an amino acid that gives hair its strength. Now it gives bagels and pizza dough its ‘bouncy’ texture. It’s also a meat flavor enhancer and used within expectorants.
Here’s a great way to save lives…spread the news!
Most food companies are not required to label where ingredients come from – only where the food was packaged or processed. This means frozen dinners, popular fast food restaurants, and even ‘higher end’ eateries are serving human waste products – as part of their menu items.
Don’t be overwhelmed. If you want to avoid cancer-causing ingredients – know the source of your food and buy only fresh (real) food. Get to know your local farmer; start making more meals at home and enjoy the health benefits – immediately.
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