Ready for Anything w/ Aton Edwards

HARP? You don’t even know what it stands for but you buy into all of these theories that don’;t have anything to do with how you are going to survive through one of these storms. STOP PLAYING. If you are not talking about HEALTH, growing your own food, making your own ammo then YOU ARE A LIABILITY. Katrina, Sandy…you think tings are going to stabilize…these are just the harbingers of what is coming down the pipe. You have not seen anything yet. Our children are not going to see any stability over the next 20 -25 years. After that then we will go through the water wars. So stop being distracted and start fending for yourselves.


Stop paying attention to all of these Morons and all of their bull crap and BE HEALTHY.Stop eating the food that the people you call oppressors are marketing to you. The majority of our people are suffering from Diabetes, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure,  and so many other self inflicted diseases. What are you going to do without any refrigeration for your insulin and meds? Aton Edwards drops squads on all the illogical unhealthy folk today and gives a few words of advise to keep us alive. Peace! meanwhile visit to get familar with the man of the hour.