Date Syrup: Nutritional Benefits and Recipe

We are approaching the ‪#‎40dayfruitfast‬ and I wanted to share my‪#‎rawvegan‬ version of ‪#‎datesyrup‬.

This syrup has an excellent iron content (good for anemia), is rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers (good for constipation). Dates themselves are an excellent energy booster with the right type of sugar our body needs. Add to your nut mils to increase the nutrient content. Use it in your teas or anything else that you would use maple syrup or agave. I even use less water and make for a date caramel. For my thoughts on agave check out my article “Buyer Beware” here:

This recipe is sooooo simple and ‪#‎unapologeticallyhealthy‬. It is my choice of sweetener over any maple syrup or agave sweetner. Simply take 10‪#‎FRESH‬ medjool dates and remove the pits. Clean them and then Soak them in spring water for at least 20minutes. Use about 3/4 C of the soak water and blend in a high horse power blender like a ‪#‎vitamix‬. Optional: add no more than 1/2 juice of a lemon as a preservative. Store in an airtight container for up to 3 weeks. Enjoy!