yeah yeah yeah…I know it is in the food pyramid. Lets think of who or what created that food pyramid and reflect on any other pyramid who or what created…NADA. Now that we know this let’s not get confused with the false studies and marketing campaigns to get you to buy who or whats’ product.

Cow Mucous

The United States authority on Food and Drugs (why they are in the same agency I do not know) allow for 375 million pus cells (cow mucous) per one (1) pound milk. It takes 10 ponds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese. That means that means a pound of cheeses is allowed to have up to 3.75 billion pus cells. There are usually 16 slices of cheese to a pound. That means your average slice of cheese has millions of pus cells. You do the math. My head hurts.

Mucous Glue

The ingredient Casein is a glue!  Milk protein is 80% casein. Casein is wood glue. It is also used as the glue to hold labels to beer bottles. Now imagine the constipation.  Imagine the mucous created from the antibodies your body creates in the form of histamines. Now go and spend some money on an anti-histamine like Benadryl to get rid of this “allergy” you think you have.

Mucous is the Mother of all Phlegm. Mucous is the cause of ALL disease. The average meat and dairy eating person has about a gallon of mucous congesting, and suffocating ALL of the internal organs of the body.



One sip of cow’s milk contains over 50 different CONCENTRATED hormones. One pound of cheese has ten (10) times the amount of hormones than milk. Our bodies are not built to handle that type of hormonal wear and tear. The nanomolecular level that hormones in our body work on require one billionth of a gram to produce a biological effect. This means that it will take an entire lifetime for the average “healthy” woman to produce one tablespoon of estrogen while consuming about thirty (30) pounds of cheese in one year.  Talk about RAGING HORMONE IMBALANCE!