Bread? How can you live without it and be happy? First you were told the general rule: NO WHITE BREAD. Then you were told to eat whole grain breads.EAT WHEAT BREAD. Now you may or may not have found out that wheat bread is a problem. I know this is confusing. Have NO FEAR. Drop Squad kitchen is here 🙂

You do want to stay away  from ANY white breads. As a general rule you do want to find breads that are 100% whole grain.  Even then you have to be careful because many of the grains as we know them today have been genetically modified or hybridized as is the case with wheat. What this means is that an actual gene was added or deleted or structural changes were made during cross breeding. So we have these new strains of everything that are advertised as ORGANIC. STOP PLAYING!

Some of these FDA approved processes include gamma irridation and very lethal toxins like sodium azide. What is even crazier is that you have been sold on the carbohydrate health benefits so you rush out and buy everything wheat. These new strains of wheat contain amylopectin. Amylopectin converts to sugar in your body faster than a commercial candybar! You are getting high off  this stuff, lol.

Actually, this is not funny, many of you are actually trying to be more healthy and lose weight. Drop Squad Kitchen is here to tell you not with the bread you are currently eating because your blood sugar skyrockets and then it falls. You get hungry every time it falls because you have to feed the addiction. The only way out of this vicious cycle is to stop eating these breads.

Let me tell you something else about some of the breads we are used to consuming, GLUTEN. Gluten is an intestinal abrasive and is a health death wish. The “glue”-ten proteins make everything stick in baking goods and does not break down for you. We want to receive the positive benefits of everything that we put into our body. Of course their is negative and positive in everything but if you are eating bread at least you want to eat bread that will digest easier. Gluten is usually found in wheat, rye, and barley products. Even Kamut and Spelt which are known to be the human friendlier grains are not gluten free. Make sure to read your labels.


Here are some alternatives.

Ezekial Sprouted Breads . We will add more shortly.+

Want to try something at home? Try this recipe !