Author: Drop Squad Kitchen

Mission: To dispense our communities ideal solutions and awareness to the many wrong foods; inevitably, promoting the right foods. Week by week and meal by meal, our aim remains steadfast to encourage a much healthier and harmonious lifestyle. We insightfully aim to illuminate one's understanding of being vegetarian, vegan, and alkaline. We passionately seek to give solid direction on how to implement raw eating methodologies. We seek to eliminate the impersonality of these methods as if we're there hand in hand with you to boost understanding and preparation, so you and your household may enjoy the life food has within it to give us all.

COVID-19 is showing you the facts that U.S. capitalism has lied about. It’s showing how many of you support socialism when it’s convenient for you or the people you care for… Children could’ve gotten laptops & free wifi this whole time. Wifi could’ve been a utility this whole time. Stores could’ve been allowing seniors to shop for one hour assisted. Stores could’ve closed earlier to give stockers & cleaners proper time to stock & recover this whole time. College students could have a frozen interest rate on student loans this whole time. Pregnant women, disabled people & single parents could’ve worked from home this whole time. Abandoned federal buildings could’ve been used for homeless people. Students could learn from home instead of being suspended for a lack of transportation to school this whole time. Bill payment could’ve been furloughed this whole time. Evictions for hard times could’ve been delayed this whole time. Co-Pays & other out-of-pocket health provider fees could have been waived. Not turning someone’s electricity or water off in desperate times so they can survive could’ve happened this whole time. Airfare could’ve been cheaper this whole time. Sick people could have been encouraged to take time off & given paid time off to care for themselves. The bottom line is… Humanity could’ve been humane this whole time. #COPY #REPOST

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