Apples belong to the Rose family and is a natural superfood. Tart and firm they make a great hold over and snack for children and adults. Apples are a natural fructose sweetener and the pectin found in apples supplies a galacturonic acid that actually decreases the need for insulin. and an excellent egg re-placer in recipes. Additionally, French researchers concluded that one serving when eaten raw with the peel decreases the risk of stroke by 11%.

Apples are fat , sodium, and cholesterol free and one of the best sources of fiber. Antioxidant phytochemicals in apples reduce the onset of  certain cancers  like lung and breast  cancer and a host of chronic diseases.

Apples lower cholesterol. They are great assistants in any weight loss plan because the fiber helps aid in digestion while creating a feeling of fullness. Finally, apples contain boron which strengthens the bones. Maybe an apple a day truly keeps the doctor away.