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Vegan Lasagna Love

Prepping for Drop Squad Kitchen special:Vegan Lasagna There is a science of love that goes into EVERYTHING that is prepared for the Drop Squad Kitchen.  From the home garden fresh veggies used to the spinach sauteed perfectly. Everything is strategically prepped so that the quality of each ingredient is preserved. Every ingredient and step is treated equally and should be able to stand on it's own.  Let's take the lentil and the mushroom for example, they both have their own unique flavors and do well by themselves. When combined to make a veggie meat they too have to be prepared in a way that their taste and texture is exquisite prior to be adding ...

Prepping for Drop Squad Kitchen special:Vegan Lasagna

Prepping for Drop Squad Kitchen special: Vegan Lasagna with lentil and mushroom veggie meat, fresh veggies from mom's  garden, and spinach sauteed to perfection. Place orders b/w 10 am and noon...I always run out by 5pm. Call 302.984.2773