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Candida Cleanse: Now in the Kitchen

Did you know 1/3 of your poop is not even yours? We are actually living in the waste of waste that eat our food which is supposed to be used for our body's fuel. What you think is fat is parasites. Almost every health condition known can be connected to parasites that survive off the bacteria, yeast and fungus that we feed them every time we put food in our mouth. Are you not living life to your fullest capacity? Are you eating , drinking, and doing things that feed the sickness in you? Are you having a problem resisting these habits? If you are totally consumed by the chemical serpent within tempting you to think and behave in ways that are ...

Drop Squad Kitchen Presents the Healthy Challenge w/ Enqi

The body has tons of Yeast, Bacteria & Worms feeding of you and reproducing stop them DEAD in their tracks!!! Take the DSK/ Amber Institute HEALTHY CHALLENGE  and rid your  body of harmful yeast & their eggs. De-Calcify your pineal gland, lymph system, blood and organs. Rejuvenates all organs, fluids & glands in the body providing a better flow of electricity through the tissues and muscles. Find out how you can do this in 1-3 months! Tune in tonight at 8pm or catch the episode on demand by clicking here or calling (347)215-6592 to listen by telephone. Also 13 years Young Patrick will be reporting on Chakra Health.