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Refresh T.

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7 Aug

Refresh T.

With a diverse and seasonal menu we wanted to create a house special drink that could satisfy the thirst and craving of any any soda or tea lover.  In our world taste is not enough. It has to also have health benefits. Introducing the R E F R E S H. It is a hibiscus tisane (made from the flower and not the plant)  with fresh ginger and lemon. It can be served naked, chilled or hot.

Refresh is rich in  Vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals. These essential nutrients boost the immune system, which allow the body to fight infections. Our house special tisane is  also beneficial in getting rid of infection causing bacteria in the respiratory tract.  Refresh is a natural antioxidant and drinking regularly will slow down the growth of any cancer causing damaged cells present on the body.

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