People always ask me what do I recommend. Well, my first day back and I made myself a Chip Hop. It’s one of our signature salads with our chili / housemade taco meat/ kale/ avo/ pico and our sunflower dressing on top of corn tortillas. What’s interesting is I can not have corn and I prefer not to eat soy so I ate my #ChipHop with Oeanitos white bean chips. Not being able to eat corn also means we have to make a lot of our own condiments bc most ketchup and sauces ( like pretty much everything processed) has an ingredient derived from corn or soy or wheat🤷🏾‍♀️ I can literally eat SOMETHING off our menu everyday though and not compromise my health. So can you 😉 #dropsquadkitchen #dropsquadexperience #dropsquadisthegreatest #eatsinwilm #wilmingtonde #wilmingtondelaware #unapologeticallyhealthy #unapologeticallyvegan #cornfree #soyfree #vegan #plantbaseddelaware #vegandelaware #delawareveganofficial #igdelaware

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