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Meat Police

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2 Jan

Meat Police

MEAT POLICEThis pic says a lot. 

We rebuild or destroy our bodies everyday based off our lifestyle we INHABIT them.It speaks to the universal criminal activity of eating meat as well as the karmic  spiritual and medical repercussions. More importantly by eating animal flesh and byproducts our bodies’ mainframe downloads the animal’s genetic information when we eat them. The same goes for vegetables, their RNA strands occupy our bloodstream and regulate our genes. Either way you do the crime you will do the time.



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Mission: To dispense our communities ideal solutions and awareness to the many wrong foods; inevitably, promoting the right foods. Week by week and meal by meal, our aim remains steadfast to encourage a much healthier and harmonious lifestyle. We insightfully aim to illuminate one's understanding of being vegetarian, vegan, and alkaline. We passionately seek to give solid direction on how to implement raw eating methodologies. We seek to eliminate the impersonality of these methods as if we're there hand in hand with you to boost understanding and preparation, so you and your household may enjoy the life food has within it to give us all.

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