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Gluten and Soy Free Veggie Burgers

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27 Sep

Gluten and Soy Free Veggie Burgers

My goal for the Drop Squad Kitchen Brand  foods are for everything to be made in house.  I have accomplished that with 90% of the Menu. I am especially proud of the veggie burger because I have never been completely satisfied with any store bought veggie burgers packed with lord knows what as a meat replacer. I know that I desired a veggie burger that was gluten free, soy free, and wheat free. I also knew that the texture had to be as pleasing to the palate as the taste.

I set out to use ingredients that have a great texture and flavor all by themselves  for the base. I chose mushrooms, black beans, and lentils.

To add texture and fill I use homemade bread crumbs  ( just toast or bake and season your own gluten free bread).

Mushrooms: I dice, I season , I mix with Olive Oil, I bake.

Beans, I soak, I cook, I drain, I season, I blend. I  mix with mushrooms.

I mix bread crumbs, beans, and mushrooms until it is pasty and  spoon it out over a cutting board. I formed it into patties (not too thin, not to thick)n Use a cookie cutter or a glass to make a perfect circle.

Carefully place  patties on a cookie sheet and bake on high 400-450 until brown.

You have never tasted anything like this, Why? Because you use your favorite seasonings, mushrooms, and beans. For more details  stay tuned for the televised classes that will be commencing on Fridays in Novemeber 2012!



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