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Food Eco Budget

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8 Aug

Food Eco Budget


It is ironic that the people who have the least amount of financial resources purchase most of their home life necessities from huge overpriced stores like the ones we find in shopping malls. The same thing goes for food.

Healthy pricing and Healthy Nutrition seem to be in a committed relationship. If you want to buy organic then you have to pay the price. UNLESS…you have a fod eco budget. The Drop Squad Kitchen has done it’s research and will bring to you some strategies to purchasing healthier foods on a food stamp like budget. That’s about $30-40 for a family of 4 and it does not have to be rice and beans and peanut butter and jelly…give us a break! ~AC

Aiya Abrihet will weigh in with her HERB of the WEEK, and Young Patrick (13 years old yall 🙂 will be reporting on the Top 10 Genetically modified foods.Show Link:
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/abundancechild/2012/08/09/drop-squad-kitchen-food-eco-budgetPhone:  (347)215-6592
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Drop Squad Kitchen

Mission: To dispense our communities ideal solutions and awareness to the many wrong foods; inevitably, promoting the right foods. Week by week and meal by meal, our aim remains steadfast to encourage a much healthier and harmonious lifestyle. We insightfully aim to illuminate one's understanding of being vegetarian, vegan, and alkaline. We passionately seek to give solid direction on how to implement raw eating methodologies. We seek to eliminate the impersonality of these methods as if we're there hand in hand with you to boost understanding and preparation, so you and your household may enjoy the life food has within it to give us all.

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