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A Servant is Worthy Her Hire


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Want to learn how to cook healthier? Join our Kitchen Chemistry, demonstration cooking classes and learn how to prepare unapologetically healthy 100% plant based foods without sacrificing taste and portion. Let’s discover the world of whole foods cooking and uncooking grains, fruits,and vegetables.

In a small group setting, Abundance Child is committed to teaching you  the benefits of  liviting versus dieting. Our unique classes are designed to provide you with hands on experience that you can use at home or just a fun meet up opportunity. 

Our 2014 Winter  and Spring Classes are now at FULL CAPACITY. Call for more information and availability of private classes at 1-602-888-DROP.


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Playing with Food is part of our Kitchen Chemistry Cooking Demonstration and Classes Series…but designed for children. Each class includes a nutrition topic , nutrition activity, a hands on cooking demonstration and tasting. Classes are open to children ages 7 to 13. Parents are guardians are welcome to attend.Each student will receive his or her own playing with food booklet that includes nutrition information and activities and recipes. For more information please email us at


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Kitchen Lab

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Take kitchen inventory, learn how to  shop, and or and prepare our recipes in the comfort of your home or in a private controlled setting. Kitchen Labs are private classes designed to teach you how to incorporate plant-based cuisine no matter where you are in your transition to incorporating more whole and plant based foods into your livit.

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We  offer labs on weekends only. Classes can be held in any home kitchen anywhere one can humanly travel to. All travel expenses outside of the Delaware and Philadelphia Metro area are must be prepaid. 

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We request clean and organized kitchen spaces to be utilized as our lab for classes. During your consultation we will review with you in advance any necessary kitchen equipment you may need. Some items will be provided  for an additional charge. 

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We use home grown and proven techniques to assist you develop a for the lab that plant can fit any lifestyle. Through strategic partnership with  The Amber Institute , DSK Kitchen Laboratories is prepared to provide you with the personalized attention that you deserve. You will receive your own copy of the recipes at the beginning of class.

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Kitchen Inventory:  $75/hr

Shopping Lab: $75/hr

Kitchen Lab: 4 or Less people:

Starting at $75/hour with a minimum of 3 hours + cost of ingredients and travel fees if applicable. Exact menu and pricing will be determined and invoiced after initial phone consultation.

w/ Shopping and or Kitchen Inventory Flat rate of $300 and up to 5 hours of Lab time.

Private Events of 4 or More people:

Flat Rate of 300 and up to  5 hours of  Lab Time (shopping and inventory not included) + cost of ingredients and travel fees if applicable + *$50/ each additional 4 people +cost of ingredients + travel fees if applicable. 


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