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40 Day Fruit Fast

“The key to a good detox is a good team, work out plan and supplementation.” Minister Enqi

We here at Drop Squad Laboratories are a part of your team for the next 40 days. We will be posting meal plans everyday for the next 40 days. Please be sure to subscribe to this website so that you can be constantly up  to date.

We will be using Phase2-3 for direction on our Meal Plans on this site. To know what is best for you please purchase our health book and guide Black  Gene Ethics II: Detox and Regeneration


phase 3

Minimum 3 Quarts of Water/ Daily

Detox : Upon Rising Drink

1 Quart of Water/ Lemons/ Supplementation (i.e. Candida Cleanse)

BREAK fast

100 % Fruit  or Fresh Fruit Juice or  Smoothie (i.e. Sunrise)

1 Quart of Water/ Supplementation (i.e. Momatomix)
100%  Fruit or Fresh Fruit Juice or Smoothie

Avocado Salad including but not limited to tomatoes & Red Onions (Phase 2 can add Organic Romaine Lettuce)church. introducing the minister salad

Supplementation w/ Meal (i.e. Flex on the Beach, Pancreation, Blood Electrophire, etc…)

Detox: 4 Hours prior to sleeping

1 Quart of Water/

-Warm Cup of Amber Institute Sea Moss

– Supplementation (i.e. Candida Cleanse)


Please do not forget to tune into the following for full coverage of the 40 day Fruit Fast

Aboriginal Radio


Abundance Child Worldwide


Amber Institute  Radio

40 day fast live support hotline

  1. Angela says:

    I would like to open up a restaurant like this one day! Maybe this will be nationwide one day. Do you have a cookbook? I’ve been looking for a delicious healthy home made dressing for years. You should bottle it. Can you give me precise instructions on the 40 day fruit fast? I assume that it consist o f more than fruit. I’ve researched websites, vlogs and YouTube. I’m confused is it all fruit or fruit, veggies and seaweed. Also your site wouldn’t allow me to post my cooment no fb. I assume its not tablet friendly. Thanks

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