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Our team has been Meat free since 1993. 100% Plant Based. Located inside Molly’s Old fashioned Ice cream shop on Wilmington, Delaware’s Riverfront. “Chef AC understands vegetarian, vegan, alkaline and raw eating methodologies, and she can guide the way for you. The food is all plant-based, local and organic when possible. You’ll find falafel burgers, “meat” entrées made from seitan and other veggie-based protein products, unreal smoothies and herbal teas. ” ~Mark Nardone/ Delaware today

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The Kitchen




the Kitchen

Our menu is our story and EVERYTHING is made fresh to order and customizable. We thank you in advance for your patience and 25 minute wait :) It is worth it. If you are busy, be sure to always call your order in advance to (302)984-2773 Ext. DSK.

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This  class features the iconic, traditional meat loaf  or Lasagna like my Nana used to make  and that my mom taught me how to make except meatless. Now mind you, these are NOT your average Veggie makeovers. All of our recipes have SOUL. This class is 100% vegan, gluten free, and soy free. This cooking demonstration  includes 3 original Drop Squad Kitchen dishes straight from our upcoming recipe book ( Meatless Makeovers), tips and tricks,  a full meal, recipes, and complimentary post class email support. 

Meatless Makeover Lasagna

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If you like Barbeques then the Vbq is for you. Our Vegan Barbeque demo will show you how to make your own seitan (Satan to the unapologetically gluten free freaks), our take on a Black Bean Burger, kale slaw, potato salad, and don’t forget the dessert: Black Bean Brownies! If you cannot make this class do not fret.  All of our cooking demos dishes will be in our upcoming recipe book, Unapologetically Healthy, Meatless Makeovers.  


Drop Squad Kitchen Vega

If you are interested in this class. Please fill out the form below.


Vegan Wine

and Cheeze

Essentially this is our Raw Foods 101 Class. Just in time for the Holy days this class is light and refreshing and highly informative. Menu will include a  Raw Vegan variety of  chips and crackers, Cheeze, Tunut , Ground Beefless, Sushi, and of course a Vegan wine sampling. 

vegan wine and cheese

Soul Food


Come learn and more importantly enjoy our collection of soul food recipes. Now you can create these Nubian of the diaspora comforts that remind you of Sundays without too much guilt. We are making  everything from Fish and Chips, to Curry Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Greens, Cornbread and Moor! PUN intended. 




Looking for some  creativity for your Holiday Meal? We will be whipping up some of our family favorites and essentials. We have  some mains ( Freedom  and Gravy instead of turkey, some salads (potato and coleslaw), some sides (Mac & Cheeze, Greens, Candied Butternut Squash) and of course some dessert (like Cheeze Cake and Squash Pie).

photo: Photography on Q
photo: Photography on Q


If you live in the Wilmington, DE area, and want to take advantage of our daily specials like Soul Food Saturdays. Subscribe to Our Daily Text.  TEXT  your name and the word SUBSCRIBE to (602)888-DROP